" Half Dome's Summit is perfectly inaccessible, being probably one of the only prominent points about the Yosemite which has never been and never will be, trodden by human foot."
In 1875, Scottish blacksmith George Anderson spent a week hand-drilling holes in the rock which he then fitted with bolts fashioned in his forge. The technique of drilling holes into the rock and fitting them with bolts would not be used on Yosemite walls again until the 1940s.
Depiction of George Anderson
Robert Underhill introduced European climbing techniques in 1932 to members of the Sierra Club Rock Climbing Section, this syllabus included: the running belay, use of pitons and carabiners, along with the Dulfersitz rappel.
"The ascent of the two cathedral spires across the valley from El Capitan were the most difficult and adventurous climbs accomplished during the 1930s. After several attempts over a six month period. Robinson, Leonard and Eichorn reached the top of the Higher Cathedral Spire in April 1934, and they accomplished the Lower Spire a few months later. Steep and tricky climbing characterized both routes, and the trio had to use direct-aid techniques in a few spots when the hand holds disappeared."

--Steve Roper, 1994
"Our current state sucks. Let's look for something interesting in the past. Let's pretend the past is still here."
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